A Global Platform to Grow and Monetize
Your Online Audience

Seamless integration, universal compatibility, superior stats, global expertise, local and international monetization - Radionomy for Broadcasters has the tools and services to manage your online audience so you can focus on what you do best - creating great radio.

Our next-generation platform also provides unlimited streams, secondary channels and much more. There are no costs and no impact to your terrestrial signal.

Radionomy will make your stream work for you!

Radionomy For Broadcasters is more than a streaming solution, it’s a complete online radio platform.
Our system allows you to take advantage of many advantages including:

Local and Global Monetization

You’ll be able to track your earnings in real time and monetize your online listeners without selling a single spot or losing existing sponsors.

Radionomy inserts a pair of two-minute ad breaks each hour into your stream. You choose when these play and you’re still able to play your own ads as well. Radionomy has implemented several solutions to monetize your station both locally and internationally.

In the United States, we are privileged partners with one of the most important radio saleshouse, TargetSpot. In France, we have created our own internal saleshouse - Adionomy Régie - which is the leading saleshouse in the market.

Various trade agreements are coming soon which will allow you to monetize your listeners in other countries such as Spain and Germany.

Powerful statistics in real-time

Understand your online audience. Browse your statistics centralized in one place.

Follow real-time statistics on your radio station: listening curves, the number of connected listeners, the listening geolocation, devices used to listen to your stream, and much more…

Leverage directories and social media
for a younger audience

Build new listeners to your station by levraging our partnerships with online radio stations directories such as iTunes, TuneIn, vTuner, Icecast... The listing in directories is synonymous with traffic and visibility for your radio station.

Built-in tools automatically animate and update your social feeds (Facebook / Twitter). Your radio station will also referenced throughout the Radionomy environment including our mobile apps, and website.

Integrate your station with the hottest social networks instantly.

Manage your stream from anywhere

You’re in control. Change the information regarding your radio station with a single click using our Radio Manager Online from anywhere in the world (no need to download any software).

Create unlimited additional streams
and online stations

A powerful online creation and automation platform for adding free secondary “feature” stations allows your staff to curate streams that suppliment your programming. Additional stations attract new listeners and give your core audience more ways to experience your programming.

Radionomy’s web-based automation system is used by thousands of web-based stations to create stations. All operational costs for these stations are covered by Radionomy.

Universal Compatibility

Your station can be tuned in worldwide on any device including iPhone, Android, connected car, laptop etc. You will receive the same monetization benefits regardless of how each listener is finding and experiencing your stream.

Blue Offer

Available at no cost to AM/FM stations and Pure Players

Revenue based on accumulated listeners hours

Interfaces with existing audio feeds and automation software

International measurement compliant

RADIONOMY for broadcasters

Please see the complete technical handout with details about the
easy integration of your programming into the Radionomy platform.

Contact us for further information.

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